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Queensland Veterans' Portal

The Queensland Veterans' Portal is an online platform providing information and resources for veterans.

The portal offers a range of services for current and ex-Australian Defence Force members, including information about:

  • health and wellbeing
  • housing and accommodation
  • financial and legal support
  • education and employment opportunities
  • access to veteran support services and organisations.

The portal also features grant opportunities and other initiatives available to the veterans community, such as the Anzac Day Trust and the Queensland Remembers grants programs.

The portal is administered by the Office for Veterans, who are the central point of contact and coordination for veterans’ policy issues and the Queensland Government commitments relating to veterans. The functions of the Office for Veterans include leading whole-of-government coordination on veterans’ matters as well as delivering on the Queensland Government election commitments that enhance support for veterans.

Visit the Queensland Veterans’ Portal to find out more and subscribe to the newsletter to receive regular news and updates. If you are part of an organisation that provides services to veterans and their families, you can also register as a service provider.